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Anwesha is the annual fest of IIT Patna with a myriad of events encompassing cultural, technical and management areas. We believe in turning moments into memories worth cherishing for a lifetime. Since it's inception in 2010, Anwesha has grown to be an epitome of grandiosity being one of the most anticipated student organized youth festival in all of North-East India.

Anwesha has been steadily expanding its roots ever since it came into existence and has created an indelible impression in the minds and hearts of each one of those involved with it. Anwesha, which is the Sanskrit word for "Quest", aptly justifies it purpose as the ultimate quest for talent and potential. We believe in turning moments into memories worth cherishing for a lifetime. The 3-day extravaganza achieves just that by providing experiences that permanently etch themselves into the slate of your memory board to last for aeons to come. With the ever-inspiring motto of "Think. Dream. Live." Anwesha urges every individual to push themselves to the maximum. With acclaimed celebrities, eminent speakers and international artists in the likes of Raghu Dixit, Sundeep Sharma, Sahil Shah, Nitish Kumar, Ravi Shankar, Jack Eye Jones having graced its stage, Anwesha has always been the haven for utmost fun and entertainment and has been continually living manifolds beyond what is expected of it. We receive an ever-increasing footfall every year, with the last edition witnessing a massive number of 10,000, involving enthusiasts hailing from all domains.

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The Campus Ambassador program is one of the leading publicity programs of Anwesha. The promotion of the fest in the respective colleges is assigned to the campus ambassadors. They serve as the intermediaries who bridge the gap between their college and our campus i.e, as a nodal point for any kind of communication or promotion. Campus ambassadors act as the face of one of the biggest techno-management festival in the entire North-East India and are entrusted with the job of increasing the outreach of the fest through on field and social media publicity. The campus ambassadors are entitled to exciting prizes, apart from the coveted certificate and many other goodies.


This is an extremely edifying opportunity where one gets to improve their oratory skills and managerial skills by interacting with people and encouraging them to take part in a fest of such huge grandeur. Apart from being advantageous on both personal and managerial grounds, working as a CA also comes with the additional perks of being conferred with an assured certificate from Anwesha, IIT Patna validating your work as a campus ambassador. Not to forget are the exhilaratinging prizes and goodies that a CA receives.


Anwesha .. whenever I think about it...the word comes in my mind is....#teamwork & path provider of talents..Before anwesha...I was just a boy in my college...but when I participated in 2k17 addition..i got a chance to work & perform with super talented guys..'s just because of Anwesha..I am cultural Coordinator of my College..In short it brings ...a revolutionary changes in my life... Thanks team anwesha

~ Aryan S Prince

Hello IITP, I remember I went Anwesha when I was in the first year of my college .I was scared but yeah that experience pulled me again and again and Anwesha 2K18 was my third year in a row.And this year was Damn amazing..The theme was magical ..The environment was spellbinding. And Yeah The thing you guys implemented this year this College ambassador thing was really great idea.. I really enjoyed working and sharing the notifications of Anwesha 2k18 In between of those times sometimes I started feeling like I am the part of the Team and yeah It was great being a part of such great environment and such enthusiastic People.. Anwesha is not just a college fest it feels like it's a Festival that comes every year and we all celebrate it together.. 🖤

~ Mridul Choudhary

As you mentioned Anwesha the biggest techno-cultural fest of north-east India being a campus ambassador for it was an amazing experience.You'll organised the whole function perfectly.I not only enjoyed being working as the campus ambassador but also enjoyed your fest.The participants from my college were also very happy by your organisation.Hope to continue to work with you all more as i gained a good experience. Thank you for selecting me as the campus ambassador of my college.

~ Kamal Kant